Molly-Mae’s Baby Name Reveal

On 26 September, Molly-Mae announces her pregnancy to the world in a loving YouTube video. Now she is answering all your burning pregnancy questions including the possible baby’s name reveal!

Who Is Molly-Mae?

The YouTuber and Influencer was born and raised in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and is aged 23 years old. She currently lives in Manchester. It seems the star started her career young in the beauty industry by competing in pageants. She as crowned winner in the Miss Teen Great Britian in 2015. According to Influencer Matachmaker, enjoying the experience made her compete in international pageants. Following this, she then began her career on YouTube and social media as an Influencer.

At just 20 years old, she made an appearance on ITV series Love Island in 2015. Molly-Mae coupled up with Professional Boxer Tommy Fury, age 20 at the time. Winning the show, they both remain in a relationship.

After winning the show the star accepted lucrative brand deals with fashion designers. Molly-Mae is currently working with Pretty Little Thing where she is employed as a Creative Director. She earns an estimate of £400,000 alone.

She recently came under fire after making a statement in an interview with YouTube Series: Diary of a CEO on 13 December 2021 that “We all have the same 24 hours in day” and “I worked my a*** off to get to where I am today”. Causing outrage amongst fans and social media users, memes quickly circulated.

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Later, she addressed her comments in a Q&A YouTube video stating, “I had a really negative start to the year, I was really upset”. However, her apology received mixed opinions.

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The Influencer admitted things are getting back on track now and she is heading to a better place. Alleging, because things don’t always work out as you hope they would. Moving on to bigger and better things, she claims she is not just an Influencer anymore.

Journey To Motherhood

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Buzzing with excitement, Molly announces she is expecting a little one on social media. And, as you would expect, all content is taking her fans and subscribers through the journey. Currently, she is 6 months pregnant and we are eagerly waiting for the baby name reveal!

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Moving on, it is clear Molly is enjoying her time right now as she takes her subscribers through her self-care evening in.

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Answering Your Questions – The Baby Name Reveal

Firstly, it is quite clear that pregnancy is unique. This means each woman will enjoy an experience special to them. For those who are yet to enjoy the experience or would like to reminisce, Molly takes us through the most asked pregnancy related questions and her experience to date.

She reveals she was a date late with her period. Not thinking too much of it, she tells boyfriend Tommy that she will take a test just to be sure. With the test confirming she is 2-3 weeks pregnant, she described the news as surreal.

Moving on, Molly explains her family’s reaction to the news was positive and that they were over the moon.

Next, she describes some of her symptoms to be mild nausea, very mild sickness and increased hunger.

Having been asked what her preference of child is, she said her childhood dream is to have 2 little girls, but she feels she will have a boy. Ultimately, she did not have a preference and recently had an intimate gender baby reveal organised by her friend with only her and Tommy present. She now knows she’s having a baby girl.

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Molly is asked whether she has a baby name, which she reveals she does. She alludes that the name is very unusual, and she does not know anyone who shares this name. However, she is yet to publicly reveal it.

If you’d like to know more about her journey watch the video below!

Credit: MollyMae’s YouTube

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