Vegan Influencer Eats Meat

After 5 years of a clean and green diet, the vegan influencer is now eating meat.

Who Is Alyse Parker?

Alyse is a 28-year-old Social Media Star. Born on 21 March 1994, she currently lives in Connecticut, United States. The star grew popularity on YouTube and Instagram, thanks to her holistic related content. She also brands herself as a “wellness coach” where she provides support to clients in helping them feel their elevated selves. Her services are endorsed on her website.

A charge of $222 applies for a 1:1 session which offers “new techniques to support your growth”. For those who are attracted to self-pace courses, she charges $333 which supports “higher self-initiation.”

Notably, her vegan journey began around 2014, making it the focus of her lifestyle and content. Many fans were drawn, and engagement increased also making her an internet sensation. However, things took a questionable turn in 2019 when she made a decision to go “full on carnivore” for 30 days. Claiming the green diet caused negative symptoms, which is why she indulges in a meat diet.

But fans have mixed reviews.

“Alyse Parker debunks veganism…WTF

“She was NEVER vegan…”

“I’m proud to call this woman my friend…she is brave for eating meat again

Credit: VeganApp’s Twitter

Causing upset, fans speculated her change in diet was because of “negative symptoms” accrued from her diet. But this is yet to be confirmed.

Credit: Vegan_Logic’s Twitter

What Is The ex Vegan Influencer Doing Now?

Despite abandoning the diet, she accepts she has changed for the better. The influencer also reflects on her channel and views her previous content as “extremist in the realm of a vegan diet”. This is because the change came from a “spark within her to get closer to truth, closer to human experience of what is out there”.

She admits 3 years ago she had energetic healing sessions because it helped her understand her personality and her identity. The ex-Vegan Influencer reveals the last couple of years has felt relaxed whereas before, she has felt identified and passion and fire.

To some, it is clear she has taken a simple approach to life, cancelling out the chaos and routine, because she finds it relaxing.

Credit: Alyse Parker YouTube

The YouTuber continues her career on Instagram with an impressive following of £164k and on YouTube.

Was It All a Scam?

Some fans are under the impression that the vegan lifestyle is no more than a gimmick to attract a following on social media. Possibly because a brand personality that is considered to be inspiring is likely to do well…and so, could have been the vision this vegan influencer was looking to adopt. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

Alyse denounces the vegan diet at approximately 700k YouTube subscribers.

Credit: Jiggypepper’s Twitter.

Veganism is Growing

Despite this influencer turning away from the diet, it seems that veganism is a growing lifestyle. Many supermarkets have introduced plant-based food items with a number to release in January 2023. Also, there are plans to create vegan dog food. It is clear this is an inspirational movement that will persevere and influence in the coming years.

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