The Fake Heiress Anna ‘Delvey’ Sorokin Under House Arrest

The fake heiress conned many into believing her noble lies. She always gets what she wants. Now is no exception. House arrest is her most effective con of all.

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What is the true story behind the most successful fake heiress in the world? There are so many variations on who the real Anna Sorokin is. One thing is sure. She is a woman with exquisite taste. A taste for designer wear and luxury items. Something that she simply could not afford. Anna Sorokin was found guilty of stealing $300,000 US dollars from friends and financial institutions and attempting to steal $22 million US dollars from a New York Bank.

The Scam

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The fake heiress claimed to be starting a members-only club for socialites. She also claimed that her father had created a trust fund worth a small fortune which she could not tap into until she reached a certain age. Her aura exudes confidence and this led many to fall for her lies. People willingly handed money over to her in the belief that she would either repay them back or that they will get something back in return. She can be skilled at manipulating others and if she had her way she would have continued to lie her way through life scamming people for her own personal gain.

Now, she thinks that she deserves ‘a second chance.’

The infamous fake socialite has even risen to fame through her story. Inventing Anna is a Netflix show focusing on how she went from a young, impressionable girl to a hard-core scammer. The show sensationalized her story and skyrocketed her to infamy.

The Fake Heiress Has Been Released From Jail

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But getting out of jail was perhaps one of the most shocking things of all. She said she’s ‘got exactly what she wanted.’ With this in mind, has she really learned a lesson from any of this?

Currently, she is subject to house arrest and has received a total ban from social media. The latter makes sense considering the storm she would create if she posted online. There are mixed views about her – some despise her for what she has done. Others are in awe of her fashion style.

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In a statement she said;

“I’m really, really happy about that. That’s exactly what I wanted. I’m just hoping to get more freedom eventually.”

In the fake heiress’ mind, she is the victim in all of this. In her 2019 trial, at the height of the craze, she turned the tables on the prosecution and blamed them for how she has been perceived. Anna states below how she feels the media are to blame for her perception as a ruthless scam artist.

“They kind of created this idea of me and I’m just being left to deal with it,” Sorokin said. “I’m trying to not glamorize my crimes and not lead anybody to believe that’s the way to get famous. Because I suffered a lot as a result … even though I don’t always show it. I’m not going to go on TV and cry.”

Is There A Future For Anna?

Returning to Europe may seem the unlikeliest of her plans for the future. And we are yet to learn whether she’ll be given the same level of freedom as she has been given in the past. There are talks of her writing a book and about her continuing her podcast.

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