Popular Travel Destinations as Visited by Emma Chamberlain

Popular Travel Destinations

Credit: Emma Chamberlain’s Instagram

Are you thinking about the best travel locations to visit? If you have been keeping up with Emma Chamberlain, you would know that she is very much in demand. This is because she has made multiple appearances including the Met Gala as a Host. She has been uploading frequently on YouTube, taking her subscribers through the ins and outs of her daily life. Like most people, in her free time she loves to travel to some of the popular travel destinations and here is everything you need to know!

Who is Emma Chamberlain?

Emma Chamberlain is a 21-year-old American online personality. She was born and raised in San Bruno, California. She rose to fame thanks to her YouTube channel. Emma expanded her career by creating her own podcast titled Anything Goes which you can listen to here. She uses the platform to discuss a wide range of topics and anything that comes to mind. She owns Chamberlain Coffee which is her coffee brand. The sustainable coffee brand is tailored to a variety of tastes.

But, more recently Emma Chamberlain featured on Architectual Digest to showcase her LA home on their YouTube Channel. Emma received much praise for her woodsy, cabin like home which featured exposed oak wood paneling on the ceiling and touching of mint and green – giving off a warm and earthy vibe. Some even compared her home to a vintage 1950s aesthetic.

Emma has a candid and comedic approach on social media. Appearing unfiltered online, sharing her mental health journey and daily struggles, making her relatable to fans.

Travel Destinations as Visited by Emma

Notably, Emma Chamberlain has good taste – and we’re not just talking about her coffee. Many turn to her for fashion, home decor. Popular travel destinations are not the exception here! Here is what they are and what you can do there:

New York, United States of America

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New York is one of the popular travel destinations travelled to. This is because there is a lot to visit. Therefore, this vibrant city is not to be slept on.

Firstly, the city is full of museums, popular landmarks, Times Square and delicious food. Emma spent her time enjoying the good food New York has to offer. Recommended by locals, she ate at Tacombi where she enjoyed a spicy bean and cheese burrito.

Next, she shopped at Dauphinette where you can purchase one of a kind and vintage clothing. She also went on a walk-through Times Square, where she enjoyed a cold beverage and cookie at Blank Street Coffee. So, we recommend you visit these spots if you’re looking to experience like as a New Yorker.

Credit: Emma Chamberlain’s YouTube

Cannes, France

Despite the weather changes there is no place quite as charming as the South of France. This is because the location is best for its hot summers, ocean views and quaint villages. Also, this is a great place to enjoy a swim in the ocean or capture picturesque views. However, if you’re looking to experience the culture or to mingle with the locals, we definitely recommend visiting the Farmers Market, as seen by Emma.

Credit: Emma Chamberlain’s YouTube

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Last on the list is Amsterdam. If you are travelling for culture or entertainment, Amsterdam has a lot to offer. This is because of historic locations such as the home of Anne Frank. And because of the scenic views as shown in The Fault in Our Stars. Also, you can enjoy a scenic view of the city by canal boat and bike rides.

However, if you have a sweet tooth, head to T Goede Soet and enjoy fine pieces of chocolate. But if a salty treat is preferred, head to Zuivelhoeve and tuck into a variety of cheese.

Credit: Emma Chamberlain’s YouTube

Lastly, Emma posted her last YouTube video showing her travel vlogs three weeks ago, so we are excited to see where this YouTuber will go next. It is obvious her travel locations are well thought out because of the variety of places she is visiting. Especially, with hand picking the boutique and vintage clothing stores, which can be missed by tourists!

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