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Travelling to Nice? What To Visit, Where To Go.

Add value to your holidays by travelling to Nice, France. This picture-perfect holiday will be one you will remember for years to come.

Travelling to Nice is on many people’s bucket lists. And rightly so! This part of Southern France has a little bit of everything for tourists. There’s easy access to Italy by bus. You could find yourself in Genoa or Santa Margherita for a day trip. Monaco and Monte Carlo are also less than thirty minutes away via train. All surrounding cities near Nice bring with them a unique charm and an air of exotic affluence.

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There are no shortage of activities to partake in either. Cycling through the city is a must due to the amazing views of the mountains which can be seen from miles away. The close proximity to the Mediterranean sea also offers great options for water related sports such as canoeing, diving, snorkelling, fishing and more! There’s golf. There’s forest adventures. Even paragliding on the French Riveria is a must!

Its not too much hassle to travel either due to the relatively small size of the city compared to others in France.

hotel west end behind palm trees nice france, travelling to Nice
Nice is a must for the lover of Palm Trees

Nice also has its own local airport. The journey itself is one to marvel at because the plane descends ever so low towards the sea before rushing onto the runway only a short distance from the beach. The view of the land and sea in sight together will put a smile to your face if water brings you joy like it does for me. It definitely is a breathtaking view from above to witness this city known for its Grace and majesty. Of course, it does live up to its nickname ‘Nice the beautiful’, after all…

There’s a Rich History Behind Travelling to Nice

What’s the point of going to Nice ? Some may say. But this city has roots deep in ancient origins and a history which spans back 400,000 years. The city has a connection to the history of Italy and the wars which took place. Nice was once known as the enemy of Genoa. The medieval vibe to the city can be felt in Old Town Nice which is rich in this type of history.

Since the 18th century, Nice has been known more as a resort town for the British upper classes. Visiting the city was a show of wealth and prestige. It attracted many prominent figures such as Queen Victoria, who was in awe by what she called ‘the sunny, flowery, south.’ Winston Churchill also spent several periods of his life in the French Rivieria, being drawn back by the villas and the views. Other prominent figures who were attracted to the charm of Nice were Coco Chanel and the Dukes of Windsor. John F Kennedy also owned a nine bedroom mansion in Nice which is now up for rent. You can get the full experience of what it would like to be a Kennedy vacationing in the Rivieria!

facade of stylish illuminated aged building at night, travelling to Nice
Hotel near Promenade des Anglais

Sightseeing When Travelling in Nice

Visiting Old Town Nice and Place Massena is a must. There are some great places for gelato there. And lots of streets to wander down. It’s not too far from La Tête Carrée which is a good spot to pose in front of for a selfie. You can also opt for a guided tour which will show you most of what Nice has to offer and give you a chance to see much of the breath taking architecture.

If you like the beach, then of course, you must visit Promenade des Anglais which has a long stretch of shops and restaurants nearby.

On your explorations, there are plenty of museums to visit such as Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate, Eglise Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur, Musée du Palais Lascaris and the Musée Matisse which is perfect for art lovers. The museums quite often host exhibitions and events during the year so there might be something spontaneous to enjoy.

There is also a train experience through the alps which is very much unlike that horrible commute to work. Click here for more.


Temperatures are likely to peak in July and August. Expect the weather to be around 25 degrees celcius with highs of 27 degrees. Good weather can be enjoyed during most times of the year because the Mediterranean climate keeps the weather nice and warm all year round. The city has experienced an all time high of 37.7 degrees.

Temperatures can drop to 13 degrees celsius during the winter months and there may also be a fair bit of rainfall as well. Despite this, Nice is pleasant to travel to from April through to November. Aside from the summer months, the weather can be a bit variable but still enjoyable.

aerial view of watercrafts on harbor surrounded by city buildings, travelling to Nice in France

Foods To Try

It is common knowledge that when travelling to Nice, France you must try Escargo. Yes, you read that right – snails! And travelling here is no exception.

Socca is another option to try which is native to the local area. It’s a popular French dish and resembles a chickpea pancake. There are a few places in Old Town Nice which offer Socca to eat.

Ratatouile is another great choice which can be found at most restaurants. It comprises of onions, courgettes, tomatoes, aubergines, and peppers, fried and stewed in oil.

A Nicoise Salad is a nice and light option if you are on the go.

Pizzas and pastas are also a good choice and can be found in abundance at many restaurants.

If you are looking for a supermarket to try some other local foods then we suggest Carrefour or Monoprix which have many outlets throughout the city. The stores have a range of French foods to try as well as freshly baked goods made every day. There’s fresh fish which can be bought in store too.

Whatever your taste buds are asking for, you will be spoilt for choice as there is a little bit of everything for everyone.

Dont forget – Nice is pretty warm all year round. Remember to wear Sunscreen throughout the day. Read here for the benefits of wearing sunscreen and which ones we recommend backed by science.

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