How Olivia Jade is Spending This Autumn

Who is Olivia Jade?

Olivia Jade Giannulli, commonly known as Olivia Jade, (23) is known to many as the daughter of Lori Loughlin (Actress) and Mossimo Giannulli (Fashion Designer). But, Olivia has stepped outside of her parent’s limelight and created her own success thanks to her YouTube channel. Making quite the impression, she has a large following across social platforms.

She currently lives in Los Angeles in an apartment, shared with her adorable pet dog, Bianca. Olivia mostly posts lifestyle blogs, fashion hauls and life updates related content on her YouTube channel. Olivia has a whooping 1.81 million followers on YouTube, and we are pretty sure that number will continue to grow!

She also runs a successful Instagram page and has 1.2 million followers. She uses her page as a fashion look book, styling versatile looks. Clearly, making it easy for her followers to feel inspired and match cute looks together. She also uses her Instagram page to post life updates. It’s Olivia’s way of marking the moment!

A Bumpy Road

Around 12 March 2019, Olivia and Mother Lori Loughlin attracted many headlines. Hitting a downfall, time revealed her Mother to be involved in a college admissions scandal, also known as Varsity Blues. Allegedly, Lori paid £500,000 to have daughters Bella (21) and Olivia fraudulently admitted to The University of Southern California. Pleading guilty to conspiracy charges. She served two months in prison, ordered to complete 100 hours of community service and to pay a fine of £150,000.

After her Mother’s sentence, Olivia took a short break from YouTube and social media. Leaving no explanation, Oliva later returned a little while later (1 December 2019) with video titled “hi again” explaining her disappearance, her growth and future plans. She states, “I want to move on…but not in a selfish way”, showing she’s making changes. Showing remorse, Olivia is conflicted to return to YouTube.

Credit: Olivia Jade’s YouTube

New Season New Me

Halloween is around the corner but by no means is Olivia Jade putting on a costume. Sharing a raw vlog, Olivia is showing her fans her plans for this Autumn.

So, a new season means a time for a change. Olivia is spending her time redesigning her room. Going for a clean look, Olivia updates bedsheets for soft pink and a checkered pink and white bed runner. She pairs this with a large white rug and of course a white bench sitting at the end of her bed…sending us angelic vibes! Making it her sanctuary.

Credit: Olivia Jade’s YouTube

An Autumnal Wardrobe

Listening to her fans, Olivia updated her wardrobe with Autumn appropriate clothing at DJERF AVENUE, a fashion brand created by Matilda Djerf. She featured purchases which included a sweater, a scarf, buttoned shirts and a tube dress – because is it ever cold in LA?

Credit: Olivia Jade’s YouTube

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