Our Favourite Food Cooked By Anncy Twinkle

Who is Anncy Twinkle?

Anncy Twinkle (24), is a YouTuber and Influencer. Raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Influencer is of Indian descent. Anncy Twinkle grew up with both parents and has one brother. She is currently living in Los Angeles.

Anncy sits at close to a million YouTube subscribers, but that is by no means a reflection of her reach! She grew popularity on the social sphere thanks to her I Went to the Worst Reviewed Make-up Artist in Dubai video. Posted on YouTube on 4 April 2019, the video garnered a growing 8.7 views. And to no surprise, there is no peak for Anncy as videos that followed such as I Went to the Best Reviewed Make-up Artist in Dubai garnered millions of views.

But she is more than a beauty Influencer, and she does not let that limit her. Anncy also produces commentary videos on TikTok trends and celebrity news. Taking an unfiltered approach to her YouTube videos, watch here to see her’ reaction to Musician Adam Levine allegedly cheating on his wife.

Credit: Anncy Twinkle’s YouTube

It is now clear to fans and subscribers that Anncy Twinkle is a woman of opinion.

Food Fanatic

If you thought her commentary content was spicy then it is clear you haven’t had a chance to enjoy her food content. Amongst her many talents, what goes unnoticed is that Anncy is a food enthusiast. Anncy accompanied her vlogs and commentating videos by cooking up her favourite dishes. Pleasing to her subscribers, Anncy also featured cooking tutorials and “What I Eat in a day” styled videos. Anncy enjoys cooking South Asian inspired recipes as well as a variety of cultural dishes such as Pasta and Tacos. Quite often she enjoys stirring up innovative dishes and the odd re-creation of Gigi Hadid’s infamous pasta. It wasn’t soon after she ventured out and created Instagram page Anncys Big Belly.

Credit: Anncysbigbelly’s Instagram

After a mouthwatering scroll through her page, we have picked our favourite home cooked meals by Anncy.

Anncys Big Belly

Our first pick is her homemade vegetarian crispy sushi. With the outer layer coated with breadcrumbs and fried to a crunch, your tastebuds will enjoy the soft texture of avocados accompanied with cucumbers. This dish makes a great starter, snack or main meal. It is definitely recommended a try!

Credit: Anncysbigbelly’s Instagram

Next on our list is her avocado toast. Anncy switches up the simple recipe by adding butter and cream cheese on sourdough bread, cayenne powder, pepper and of course, spicy mayo because what is a meal without some spice! Topped with a yolky egg, her avocado toast is perfect for breakfast, lunch or even a naughty brunch!

Credit: Anncysbigbelly’s Instagram

Her roasted potatoes make quite an appearance on her Instagram page and Tiktok – and we can see why! Boiled first then baked with your favourite seasoning. Anncy throws in garlic salt, oregano, onion powder and chili to name a few. Making it ideal as a side dish wish roasted salmon, chicken or a tender steak.

Credit: Anncysbigbelly’s Instagram

Craving fast food? Anncy’s home cooked burger and chips made quite the impression which is why we had to add it to the list! Anncy likes a mayo coated brioche burger bun with tender crispy chicken fingers, on a bed of salad and cherry tomatoes…and fries of course! Rocketing your tastebuds with flavour, cheat day never felt better.

Credit: Anncysbigbelly’s Instagram

Anncy doesn’t stop at cooking a hearty meal. Check out here for Anncy’s homemade Creme Brulee, inspired by TikTok.

Credit: Anncysbigbelly’s Instagram

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