Trisha Paytas’s Baby Name Reveal Backfires

Fans have gone wild after hearing her baby name reveal. She gave birth last month to a beautiful girl but many fans are not celebrating this. Instead, they are focusing on the unusual choice of name for her daughter.

Birth and Labour

Many have labelled Trisha Paytas’s baby name reveal as ‘cruel’ and ‘selfish. The controversial star has done a few things in the past which have outraged fans. From tense drama with other influencers to the shock-value content she has made. The Youtuber has been the centre of a lot of chaos in recent years. However, we have seen a transition in her videos lately as she prepares for motherhood and settles into her role as a wife.

Trisha Paytas welcomed her firstborn daughter to her family on Wednesday 14th September 2022 with Moses. The pair were posing on social media with the baby.

A Strange Rumour

Giving birth is both natural and magical at the same time. A baby name reveal is a big part of it. The experience is filled with many positive emotions. But these were dampened for Trisha Paytas.

Not only has the name reveal caused her some upset but she also had a weird week leading up to birth. Queen Elizabeth II’s health deteriorated, with the public concerned that she would not survive long. This upsettingly turned out to be true. However, the sad news felt twisted by fans who turned to social media to create unusual rumours about Trisha’s baby. They had connected the two unseemingly unrelated events together.

Someone suggested that the Queen of England would become reincarnated into Trisha Paytas baby. This is of course preposterous and silly humour. Trisha was close to labour and people began to suggest that if both things were to coincide then it would be an easy way to poke fun at her (that’s if you believe reincarnation exists). The internet can definitely be a strange place.

There were also rumours circulating online that she was going to name the baby Elizabeth as a tribute to the late Queen. Turns out this was a myth as she announced the real name of the baby.

Trisha Paytas’s baby name has now been revealed. She wrote the following on Twitter – “She has arrived. Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon born 09.14.22 at 8.9lbs and 21 1/2.” Click here to view Trisha Paytas’s Youtube video on her labour.

Online Comments

Credit: @TrishaPaytasbackup’s Instagram

There were many in support of Trisha Paytas’s baby name reveal. Others were not so happy about it. Some of the comments online were:

“Trisha seems like a good mother and all but Malibu Barbie is gonna grow up BULLIED,” 

“Malibu Barbie is cruel and selfish. It is an ugly [name] played by the poor baby’s parents. It is NOT a cute name,”

“Please tell me you did not actually curse your child with the name Malibu Barbie,” stated another follower.

Credit: Splash of Tea’s YouTube channel

There were also a lot of people who turned to defend her choice of name. Comments could be found online saying that Malibu Barbie is a cute name.

No matter what you think about her baby name reveal, it’s her decision to make and all we can do is accept it.

The Youtube star has already indicated that there are plans for a baby number two sometime in the future and we wonder whether the name would be as distinct as Malibu Barbie.

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