Nicolette Gray – The Rise and Fall

How the Nicolette came to fame and then fell crashing down to reality

Nicolette Gray rose to fame at a very early age. From 11 years old, she began creating and uploading videos of herself and soon developed an interest in vlogging. Her educational difficulties became more and more of a setback in her life. Nicolette Gray (also referred to as the Beverly Hills Brat) found it hard to deal with school life. Posting videos online became a way to escape from the harsh realities of Nicolette’s childhood. This would lead to a pressure of getting lots of likes on social media post. There was also the aspirations of achieving fame and recognition as many other social media influencers have done in recent years.

The below is a look into the rise and fall of this young influencer.

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Nicolette Gray on Dr Phil Show

It wasn’t until Nicolette Gray appeared on Dr Phil that we saw a completely different side to her. It would inevitably propel her into the hands of mainstream media. We got to see a more bratty and spoiled version of the teenager. Money and lavish expenditures were her true passions.

Viewers were left shocked to see how this young girl had formed an unhealthy relationship with money. She demanded more money after her mother deliberately introduced budget cuts to her allowance. Nicolette felt that this was unfair and vengeful. She blamed her mother for turning her into this spoilt monster. It appeared as if Nicolette Gray’s life was about designer bags, sports cars, skimpy dresses and an endless supply of pocket money from her mother. Nina Grey (a successful dentist) was on the show too and played the broken mother. She spoke about how distraught she was by the negative changes money had on her daughter.

The show ended with Nicolette Gray in tears after Dr Phil and Nina agreed that she needed a real job. Nicolette needed to find a way to make money through her own hard work and effort. Shortly after, the internet exploded with opinions and views on the so-called ‘Beverly Hills Brat.’ Most viewers saw her as shocking by her lack of personal insight. Others felt that her mother was at fault for this toxic relationship that Nicolette had formed with money.

This Morning Show

Nicolette Gray then went on to the This Morning Show. The headline was harsh. It was titled ‘Self-Proclaimed ‘Spoiled Brat’ Feels She Deserves to Get $5K Pocket Money.’ Her mother accompanied her. The pair of them were smiling at the camera awkwardly whilst the show hosts lightly interrogated them.

To date, nearly one million viewers have watched the video online. The show fixated on the fact that Nicolette labelled herself as a ‘peasant’ despite her allowance being cut from $5,000 dollars to $1,000 dollars.

Youtuber and Vlogger

The raging opinions of her online did not stop Nicolette Gray from continuing to seek out fame. She started her own Youtube channel and posted videos regularly. These ranged from spending challenges to insights into her lavish lifestyle.

Nicolette’s spending was out of control. She would post ‘shopping for 24 hours’ videos where she would go into stores and buy whatever she wanted. Those closest to her could not be trusted. It seemed as if there were offscreen difficulties between her and her closest friends. Some would argue that they were only friends with her because she had money or because they were also chasing fame.

At first, viewers felt compelled to watch her spending habits and the drama unfold with those around her. Many disliked the ‘bratty attitude’ she had. Viewers also felt disengaged with her life as it was unrealistic. This further alienated her from her audience and views on her videos began to dwindle. People couldn’t relate to her which made it harder for them to keep up with her life.

Nicolette moved out of her family home and rented her own place. Tension grew between her and her mother due to financial difficulties. Meanwhile, as all this commotion was taking place, Nicolette Gray was desperately trying hard to find ways to save her channel. She made an attempt at getting several friends together and created a mimic version of Big Brother. The contestants were all made to compete with one another to become her new roomate. The entire idea flopped.

Tensions between Nina and Nicolette Gray

Money was running out fast and Nicolette Gray’s views were starting to decline. There were disagreements over the use of Nina’s car which led to a fallout. Nina was distraught upon realising that Nicolette had racked up fines and bills in her name. the car which Nicolette was using had rubbish sprayed everywhere. At the same time, Nicolette was struggling to manage the responsibility of looking after her the apartment she was renting. This led to bailiffs knocking on the door at all hours and threatening legal action against her until things really fell apart and she was forced to give up her independence and move back in with her mother.

Nina and Nicolette’s cameraman also had a massive feud. It is a well-known fact that her camera man was giving Nicolette a lot of help and support with her channel. one of the reasons why the channel was holding onto success was because of his advice and support. The relationship completely broke down and one could argue that this demise led to the complete fall of Nicolette Gray. She has tried to revive her views using shock value and by giving an overview of how her demise came about. A documentary was released with a new manager and covered a breakdown of how her life was pushed into turmoil because of fame and fortune.

Nicolette Gray has now created an Only Fans account and we are yet to see how this will turn out for her.

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