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5 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow 2022

I spend a lot of time on Instagram. I always turn to Instagram for inspiration. Whether its for writing, fashion, travelling or food! There are a growing number of inspirational content creators.

With the endless number of accounts on social media, it is so easy to not have the pleasure to meet them all…or even the best ones (in my humble opinion!)

So, to inspire you further or help you find something you have always been looking for, I have compiled a list of 5 accounts you must follow!


I always resonate with Atticus’ poetry and quotes. He really knows the right things to say and post the most repost worthy content. If you’re ever feeling blue or just need some writing inspiration, I would definitely recommend you follow this account!


I love learning new things. As I haven’t been in school for a long time (a good 5 years), I find this account keeps me culturally aware of the life that goes on around me. Steve McCurry has an interesting way of educating his followers by posting unique and intriguing images of his travels along with stories.

If you love learning about the world and different cultures, I would recommend you give this account a follow!


I love travelling. And I love seeing other people’s posts about travelling. Divine Locations post the most epic reels of unique destinations. They’re so fun and quirky, it really helps me visualize what I want from travelling and the type of experience I’m craving for. If I am ever stuck on where to travel to/need a travel bucket list I ALWAYS turn to this page.

Give them a follow if you need some summer holiday inspiration!


I work 9-5 and sometimes when I am bored I catch myself scrolling through this page for HOURS. It’s comedic, light-hearted and playful. The memes cheer me up on a bad or stressful day. If you work a 9-5 and want to read work-related memes about the workplace, don’t wait any longer and give this page a follow!


I must admit, I am NO fashionista. But if I ever need fashion inspo I always turn to Anna. She has the to die for old money style. It’s effortless and classy. Her lifestyle and fashion are admirable.

If you are in the need of fashion inspiration, have a quick scroll through her page.

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