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Taking a trip to Marrakesh, Morocco

Captivated by the sun that was beaming through the cloudless sky that hung over us, I hurried to the incredible dusty red brick layered buildings to seek some shade. The city was lit in summer lights from the great sunshine. Marrakesh, Morocco was my first and most favourite destination to date. It was here I was able to escape the grey area I felt trapped in for many years and embrace a sweet resurrection with the only source of fuel infusing life into my bare bones being the culture, the locals, the food and the tourist views!

It’s never too late to start a new journey


Where Did I Visit in Marrakesh, Morocco

With there being MANY things to do in Marrakesh, here is my non-exhaustive top picks:

Atlas Mountains: visit the villages located all around the mountains, workshops which demonstrate how their renowned Argan Oil is made (with the opportunity to purchase it too!), meet the locals whilst sipping traditional Berber tea and enjoy panoramic views that overlook the entire city.

Jemma el-Fna: They heart of the city is founded in a market located in the Medina quarter (which is also a walking distance from many hotels). The Market is used by both locals and tourists which makes it the perfect learning experience. You can typically find cafes, food/fruit stalls as well as clothing stores- where you can experience haggling, traditionally live music and oddly SNAKES! Horse and carriage tours depart from this area, be sure to take a tour around the city.

Evening on a terrace: With the temperature peaking almost to 50 Degrees Celsius during the day, it is well-known and thoroughly enjoyable to spend your evening on a terrace. Catch a breeze from a height with the view of the burnt orange sunset. Of course, accompanied with the sound of music and great food!

Villa Oasis & Jardin Majorelle: The residence of Yves Saint Laurent makes a popular visit with tourists who can enjoy the greenery, a museum dedicated to the Berber villagers, eat at Cafe’s serving Moroccan dishes and perfect selfie backdrops!

Desert Quad-Biking: Absorb the views of nature and the city around you whilst Quad-Biking in the desert!

Start exploring today!

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