Our Favourite Places to Eat In London

Eating In London

London is oozing with smells from across the globe whether you’re in the mood for a curry, taco, sushi or an American styled burger! London has you covered what with cafe’s spotted on the curb of almost every corner and gourmet restaurants all over the city,

So you can see why it can become a tricky task to decide where to eat…regardless of being new to London or just a local. So, when you want to unwind or relax with the company of some good food, where do you go? Well we have you covered!

Here are our recommendations of places to eat in London!

Where To Eat:

Seven Dials Market

This is a fantastic market located in Covent Gardens. Enjoy a fantastic evening with food from across the globe. If you’re in the mood for Chinese, South Asian chaat, freshly baked croissants or novel crepes, this place is for you! There are various food markets which will open your taste buds to food across the globe!

They even have grilled cheese, yum!

Shake Shack

Are you in a mood for a crispy American styled burger? If yes, then Shake Shack is for you!

Peggy Porschen

When in Belgravia, a visit to Peggy Porschen is a must! A cute café beautifully decorated in white and pink Wisteria, located on the curb of Ebury Street. Enjoyed by locals and tourists, it is a 2 minute walk from Victoria Station. Peggy Porschen are known for their deliciously baked cupcakes, scrambled eggs and pancakes, making it an ideal spot to enjoy a brunch.

Bayley and Sage

This isn’t a traditional fine dining experience, or a café you can sit an dine in. Bayley and Sage offer the most delicious bakery options. With endless sweet and savory food items, it would make an ideal date to picnic in Hyde park.

SAID Dal 1923

If you have a sweet tooth or a fan of Italian hot chocolate, then you must pay a visit to this rustic café. Famous for its chocolate infused desserts and hot chocolate, this place is a real treat! You wont find an authentic Italian hot chocolate anywhere else.

If you’re visiting, we recommend the Tiramisu!

London In The Sky

Enjoy a dining experience that will make you feel like you’re in the clouds…literally.

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