Who Is Youtuber Steph Pappas?

YouTuber: Who Is Steph Pappas?

Stephanie Pappas (commonly known as Steph Pappas on Youtube) is a 21 year old YouTuber content creator. Born in Ohio, United States, Steph gained YouTube popularity with a whooping 1.39 million subscribers thanks to her Mukbang styled videos. She began her YouTube journey back in 2008 at age 9 however, the old content is now private. She often does reaction videos to her old content.

Credit: Steph Pappas YouTube Channel

Steph also has a Vlog channel called Steph Vlogs where she has an impressive 46.6k subscribers. Here she posts relaxed videos of her cooking, fashion hauls and life in general. Subscribers are able to enjoy laidback content of the creator. Steph is extremely candid on her platforms which is why subscribers enjoy keeping up with her! Her content garners millions of views per month.

Steph is also popular on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Steph creates engaging content where followers can feel involved in her world, her interests and daily life. Steph also shares cooking inspo and clothing hauls on TikTok.

According to NaiBuzz Steph has a net worth of $800,000 as of June 2022.

Credit: @StephPappas Instagram

Steph enjoys engaging with her followers and sharing her love for food!

Credit: StephPappas Instagram

What Is She Doing Now?

Steph has recently moved out of her old house into her new home. Steph loves the style of her new kitchen as you can see in the video below. Her new house is tastefully designed with exposed wood dining table and cool tones across her house. The subtle touches of black fixtures gives her home a beautiful yet gothic look.

Credit: Steph Pappas YouTube Channel
Credit: Steph Pappas YouTube Channel

Steph has also recently bought an adorable pet dog, Hershey. She explains in her Vlogs that she had long wanted a pet however, she waited for the timing to be right.

Steph is continuing to post actively across all her platforms and we are excited to see more from her!

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