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Amanda Raye, the TikToker we’ve all been talking about

Who is Amanda Raye?

@AmandaRayeOfficial Instagram

If you have been spending time scrolling through TikTok like the rest of us, you will know who Amanda Rae is. Although she is widely known as a Tiktoker, she is not like the rest. Amanda Rae is a Medium. This means she is able to connect with spiritual entities; whether they are good or bad. Making quite the impression, Amanda has a soaring 554.4k followers and 4.9 million likes.

Amanda, 21 born in San Diego, California, this Libra star is known for contacting the dead. As a Medium, Amanda shares content related to her spiritual encounters, ghost stories and day to day videos. Amanda also has YouTube channel titled “AmandaRayeOfficial” and makes various appearances on YouTube channel: Sam and Colby when visiting haunted sites such as: Conjuring House and Shanley Hotel.

What is she doing now?

In a video on TikTok, Amanda explains “growing up I have always had crazy experiences”

“When I was about 5 I was sitting on her (mum) bed and she was sitting in her chair typing away…and I say, he says don’t do it. My mum asks do what. I responded: he says don’t call the priest. And what I did not know is that my mum was sitting there looking up a priest.”

Amanda also posts content of her in haunted locations such as haunted mines. Here she will share her experience of what she hears and witnesses. She shares this with her videos to showcase her abilities. and her journey as a Medium.

Amanda also shares ordinary content related to hair styling – keeping her followers up to date with the latest trends. Showing her luscious curls, Amanda shows the important of brushing out your curls.

Amanda is on an exciting journey and we are excited to be a part of it!

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