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Our Top Tips For Starting A Blogging Career 2022

Thinking about a blogging career?

Are you looking to start a blogging career but you’re lacking commitment? Well, we are here to spill all and tell you everything you should know!

Branching out to a new and better you!

Blogging is an easy side hustle to get started with. It is more than a past time and can be a good money maker. All you need to begin with is a laptop and an idea to get you going! We have found that blogging is great for expression, sharing ideas and improving mental health overall.

But what people don’t know is, blogging can be very technical and without industry knowledge, it is easy to feel out of depth. And, you know what happens when you feel this way? You will start to lose interest in your blogging journey altogether.

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Our personal blogging tips to get you started:

We have been there and what we have learned is an invaluable lesson to keep us going.

Know your niche.

  • Learning what to write about can be hard. Especially when you have those creative juices flowing and you’re packed with ideas. Our suggestion is to write about what you know, what you care about and what feels easy. You should pick a niche that you have researched well. This will not only help you to write about the topic but to also write out sub-topics – broadening your blog.

Learn about SEO and key phrases.

  • Imagine posting a wonderful blog which is perfectly written but no-one can find it? That’s where SEO and key phrases come in. Without a creative writing, business or marketing degree, these terms can seem alien to you. Which is probably they did not cross your mind, when starting a blogging career. But, SEO and key phrases are what will put your blog on the map and to rank higher in search engines. Learning to focus on popular key phrases in your heading, sub-heading and in the blog post will help people searching for that term find your blog! Despite this being technical, lucky for you it is very easy to do! Check out Yoast to understand how key phrases can help you!
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Utilise social media, friends and family.

  • Thanks to social media, marketing has become straightforward. Getting the word out about yourself is easy with a simple retweet. Create social media platforms for your blog so its presence is known. Create engaging content and ask friends, family and even co-workers to read/share. Also, utilise popular hashtags when sharing your content on these platforms so your blog can be found!

Be consistent.

  • This can be difficult especially at the early stages when your blog is yet to be known. Accepting that great things will take time will motivate you to do well. Consider this blogging journey as a 9-5. The perks of the job will come about as you grow and keep working. Consistency will generate traffic and the more content you post, the more readers will you gain!
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Know when to post your content.

  • We have learned posting your content on specific dates and time will increase traffic. It is no secret there are some days out of the week where people will be reading more than others. For example, we have learned through experience that Saturday is definitely not one of those days. This is because people are typically enjoying their weekend rather than reading their phones. It is claimed that weekdays (especially Monday-Thursday) between 9:00am to 5:00pm is a perfect time to post content.

Know your audience.

  • Research your niche and learn what people want to read about. Take a look at Google/Twitter trends to find the most researched topics.

Got any tips on starting a blogging career? Comment down below!

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