Kourtney Kardashian Takes The Altar

Kourtney Kardashian takes the altar in Dolce and Gabbana

Kourtney stunned the world with her lavish Italian wedding. Taking place in Portofino, Kourtney said her I dos wearing a white silk, lingered inspired mini dress. The wedding dress is one-of-a-kind Dolce & Gabbana. Kourtney also wore an impressive lace veil.

A Happily Ever After

Kourtney attended the after party wedding celebration wearing a black lingerie inspire mini dress. Kourtney was gleaming with happiness as she walks in with now husband, Travis Barker.

Both Kim and Khloe Kardashian attended the wedding styling a gothic look. Both are seen wearing black fitted lace dresses. However, Kylie and Kendall Jenner are seen wearing floral dresses, tailored to their preference. These differences in the KarJenner dresses could be a tasteful way of representing the bride and groom. This could be a tasteful way of showing the bride and groom’s styles, showing physically the union of their love.

Kris Jenner can be seen walking with Kourtney. Crying tears of joy to see her first born get married.

Kourtney’s journey to the altar

On April 4, the star had a fake wedding ceremony in Las Vegas at 2:00am. Kourtney confirmed in an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel live show that they were unable to get married as there was no possibility to get a marriage licence at that hour. The chapel opened at 8:00am.

Kourtney had her legal marriage on May 15 at the California Courthouse. It was an intimate day and Kourtney’s maternal grandmother, MJ and Travis Barkers Father, Randy Barker were in attendance. It is claimed none other family members were in attendance.

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