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Mid-Year Bucket List Ideas

June is round the corner and we are officially 6 months away from Christmas. I know what you’re thinking; this year is going by pretty fast! I bet you are twiddling your thumbs, thinking of ideas to add to your bucket list.

Time is speeding by and if you need a quick breather to sit, think and reflect on your plans for the next 6 months well, here’s your chance! We have rounded up 6 things you should add to your bucket list for the next 6 months:

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  1. Solo travel – I know what you’re thinking; solo travelling sounds like a big commitment and doing it alone is terrifying? Well, sometimes being with people can be exhausting. Spending time by yourself is a great way to help you reconnect with your feelings, ambitions, and plans. It will help give you perspective and is a great way to re-charge yourself.
  2. Journal – This is a great way to help you reconnect with your feelings and plans. journaling is a great way to bring those ideas you have been playing with to life!
  3. Recreational activities – Get involved in a new activity to set challenges and encourage personal growth. Try spinning classes, yoga, golf or horseback riding!
  4. Exercise – Whether it’s a walk or a marathon getting the steps in the day is not only healthy, but it is claimed that it will release the endorphin hormones – increasing your happiness.
  5. Be spontaneous – Step outside of your comfort and try doing something new. There is no better time to do something than right now so instead of delaying that fun day out or starting that side business – do it right now!
  6. Make use of your time after work – (your day doesn’t end at 5:00pm. Use up the time you have free after work to help you feel fulfilled.)

You can read all about our 2022 bucket list here, in case you have missed it.

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