How Shelby Church Is Making Money

Shelby Church Making Her Money

YouTube is proven to be a fantastic career and for some, it can make you a lot of money. It offers flexibility and financial freedom (in the sense that the amount you earn is uncapped.) Shelby Church has made a career out of YouTube and it is quite a successful one!

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Shelby Church is not like the ordinary YouTuber. A flair for videography, Shelby has expanded the ways in which she makes her money.

Primarily, Shelby is known for being a YouTuber. She produces informative content such as renovations, reviews and travelling. Engaging her fans, she also produces documentary styled videos on the latest trends. To keep her audience connected, she produces Vlogs to show behind the scenes of her daily life. There is no doubt her channel is a popular one, making her a lot of money!

Shelby explained in a video titled How Much YouTube Paid Me In 2020 (with a million subscribers), that she made $224,307 in the year of 2020. And, this excludes any brand deals and affiliate marketing.

Shelby Church YouTube channel

So what does a YouTuber do with all that money? For Shelby, real estate is the correct answer!

Shelby Church Makes Money On Real Estate Projects

Real Estate is a stable way to invest your money to earn an income. This is because the value of properties increase overtime. Shelby has taken the initiative to invest in multiple properties over the years. Starting with her town house in Seattle.

Shelby joined her sister Monica Church to purchase their first very town house in Seattle, Washington. Making smart moves, the sisters also rented out bedrooms which increasing their profit and financing future projects.

having got their foot on the property ladder, Shelby needed a new challenge. Whilst Buy and renting properties were sufficient, Shelby and her sister took the next step in purchasing their very first Air BnB property. This idea was influenced from their months of research and watching the market to find the best place to invest! This helped them to purchase a home in Palm Springs and after months of renovation, the property is finally listed on the market and making her a profit.

At present, Shelby has finalised the purchase of a piece of land in Joshua Tree. With a keen eye for money, Shelby hopes this project will make her a profit, considering the national park tourist attraction.

In a video with The Iced Coffee Hour, Shelby reveals her real estate portfolio makes her a whooping $20,000 per month.

What Does That Mean For You?

The key to making money is time and creating capital which you can use to safely invest in a project. If you are looking to extend your income beyond the 9-5 job, you will need to be willing to learn a new craft to help you extend your skillset.

Timing is important.


The other takeaway is learning to be patience this is because things do not happen overnight. Learn to put in the work, effort and time into these projects. Accepting mistakes is all part of growth!

Finally, picking a project you are passionate about is the key to success. Shelby is passionate about real estate and most of her YouTube content leading to her projects were real estate related. It is evident she learnt the trick of the trade and was able to branch of to get involved herself.

What Now?

What you can do is pretty simple! Accepting things will not happen overnight is extremely important. Discovering what you want to do is what your focus should be.

  • Invest your time in your hobbies
  • Learn something new/discover what you are good at
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Discover what you are passionate about. Broaden your mind to find out how you can make money from it.

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