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Why You Should Solo Travel and How To Do It

When life gets tough, solo travel!

What do you do when you feel consumed by things and sometimes even people? Does the hustle and bustle of life get too much? Do you feel like you aren’t maximising your free time, or you wait around for friends/family to be free to go out and explore the world? Has solo travel ever crossed your mind?

Sometimes when life becomes overwhelming, we need a break. But, when your friends aren’t free for a cup of coffee or your family aren’t available for a quick lunch, what do you do? Do nothing?

Well, we’re here to tell you no! Why sit around and twiddle your thumbs when you can open yourself to the possibility of solo travelling.

Why Solo travelling?

The beauty of solo travelling is that you get to choose what you do and when you do it. You are not conflicted by other people’s needs or schedules. You can pick the time, day, pack a bag and go! It can help you reconnect with yourself. Re-ignite passions you forgot about such as culture, history, music, or art! Give you “you” time. The breather you needed from the outside world and give you time to focus on yourself and your needs.

“Pick up a bag and lets go”


Our solo travelling ideas:


Solo travelling doesn’t have to be scary. There is no pressure to book a flight across the world. In fact, you can do it from the comfort of your city or even country! You can easily kick back at a spa retreat, go hiking and enjoy the panoramic view at a national park or even go to a glamping pod to enjoy nature in style!


Check out the UK’s popular National Park, Peak District for inspiration:

For a glamping experience escape check out Wotton Park Pods:

City breaks

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City breaks can start at home and you can easily travel around the UK by bus or train. If you are limited for time, you can book day trips to hot spots such as:

  • The Roman Baths; Bath, England
  • Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, London, England
  • Visit Coltswold
  • Peak District, National Park
  • Jurassic Coast
  • Cornwall beaches
  • Blackpool pleasure park
  • Brighton
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If you are looking for something more adventurous, it is definitely worth considering interrailing. Interrail is the best method to visit countries within Europe by train. Interrail allows you to visit up to 33 countries in Europe. Its best value second class ticket allows you to visit for 7 days within a month for the value of £212 (approximately.) This is perfect for people who want the flexibility to travel and a cheap price!

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”


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