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Is this the downfall of Nicolette Gray?

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Nicolette Gray soared to stardom following her infamous appearance on the Dr Phil show in 2018. Taking the role of the “Beverley Hills Brat”, Nicolette was known for her high maintenance, luxurious lifestyle and “bratty behaviour”. With fans eager to follow this socialite, Nicolette’s YouTube channel gained immediate popularity.

With her YouTube career hitting off, Nicolette adopted a documentary styled YouTube channel and collaborated with Christian Guiton. The pair produced some of Nicolette’s most popular YouTube videos, such as:

Many of her videos garnered millions of views making her an internet sensation!

Nicolette even made a reaction to the Dr Phil episode which garnered millions of views.  The success of her YouTube channel helped fans see her beyond the Dr Phil portrayal – she was revealing herself to be more than the Beverley Hills Brat.

On-screen magic?

Their collaboration was a success and fans adored their online relationship. Christian’s production of Nicolette’s videos helped the audience see Nicolette in an unearthed light. Fans got to see Nicolette as the normal 16 year old – by displaying her true vulnerability and daily struggles.

As her channel gained popularity, Nicolette began sharing more of her life. It wasn’t soon after Nicolette’s mum, Nina Gray and sister, Blair Gray began making appearances in her videos. Fans were captivated by the family dynamic. Nicolette’s family life helped fans resonate with her – making the star relatable.

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All good things come to an end

Due to a dispute between Christian and the family, they sadly parted ways. Both Christian and Nicolette addressed their issues in private YouTube videos. Some fans were outraged, petitioning for the duo to collaborate again.

At this point, fans noticed Nicolette’s views declining – owing a lot of her success to Christian. It is unclear whether these claims are true considering YouTube’s volatile algorithm.

Surprisingly, Nicolette and Christian did collaborate again but it was short-lived. Some may say the damage was beyond repairable.

Nicolette has not returned to YouTube in over a year and this could be due to her rocky experience.

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It’s sad to see her go considering her YouTube success. Lucky for fans, Nicolette remains active on social media platforms such as Instagram. It seems Nicolette has rightfully been living her life in the Big Apple and Paris. It is claimed she may be studying a fashion course.

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It is great to see Nicolette put all the drama behind her and focus on her Jewellery line, Ni Cle D’or and pursue other passions. But, fans are hopeful her debut on YouTube is impending but when she is ready to return, I am sure she will be warmly welcomed.

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