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Niksen is Mindfulness the Dutch way! This is more than just a trend and can help restore balance in your life.

Do you ever reach that time of day when you need something, but you can’t figure out what it is? And you are frantically going through your daily checklist, trying to pinpoint what it is?

It’s simple. What you need is Niksen.

In even simpler terms, you need to do nothing.

The Answer To Your Question:

If you’re thinking doing nothing is lazy, well you’re right and wrong. Whilst doing nothing all day is viewed as unproductive, on the contrary being bugged down with things to do all the time, is equally unproductive.

This is because being caught in something all the time can lead to a burnout. And not knowing how to spend your downtime to completely relax can lead to your brain going into overdrive. If you are in this state of mind, the last thing you need is another thing to do! Your version of relaxing should help you achieve a meditative mindset. So, spending time on recreational activities such as writing a blog piece or scrolling through social media is great for fun or as a hobby throughout the week, but if you really want to relax, de-stress and recharge your batteries, this isn’t how you do it!

Niksen, is the Dutch way of doing nothing. It doesn’t mean lounging around scrolling on social media or spending hours on the phone. It means doing nothing that serves a purpose. Requiring no cost at all, it is the easiest way to reach absolute tranquillity effortlessly.  

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The Benefits:

It is claimed that Niksen can help you re-engage with yourself and your life. Giving you a breather to de-clutter your mind. It could also help you let go of the negative energy that is brining you down. Giving you a chance to reset and restart!

According to Olga Mecking “Doing nothing can make us more productive. Taking little breaks throughout the day can help us become better people and avoid burnout”.

It seems to be a good practice in helping you let go of the stress and burdens you may cling on to. Taking 15-30 minutes out in a day or even a week to practice Niksen can help you reconnect with yourself, offer you clarity on life and expand your ideas/goals as well as your creativity!

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The Types:

So you’re probably thinking…how do I do nothing? The truth is, there is no science behind it. There is no trick! Here are some ways you can practise Niksen easily:

  • Laying in bed daydreaming
  • Sitting by the window and listening to music
  • Watching sunset/sunrise
  • Bird watching
  • People watching
  • Going for a walk and enjoy the nature.

What is happiness and how can it be maintained?

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