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The world changed in March 2020. Lives across the globe changed drastically. As painful as this time was, for some people they got what they always wanted – freedom from office life. No more commute and more savings!

But is jumping from one extreme to another really a good thing? An office worker reveals what working from home is really like.

Anonymous, 25 – Legal Secretary.
“Before the pandemic I was constantly tired. I was tired of the commute to work. Tired of being at the office. And tired of having very little free time. I was praying for a long-term break or just to work distantly so I can free up some time for myself.

But when the pandemic hit, I transitioned quickly to home working. I literally thought this was a dream come true!

But as time went on, my appreciation for time disappeared. I was doing things which I never dreamed of doing if i was to work in the office. I would log on my work laptop and check emails in the evenings. I was working very late (not realising the time). I would wake up just in time to start work. Most days I would work throughout the day with no breaks. I felt I was degenerating. My entire life was surrounded around work. There was no balance at all.

But as the restrictions eased, my workplace introduced hybrid working. This created a fantastic balance. I was able to meet the colleagues I so dearly missed. Commute to work and appreciate the mornings. Finish work at 5:00pm instead of 10:00pm. The flexibility of both working from home and in the office meant I had a better work experience overall”.

“Without the light, no chance; without the dark, no dance”.


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Having what you want isn’t always what’s best for you. Life can be perfectly summed up by the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang. Opposite forces can in fact compliment each other. Balance of good and bad and wants and needs are important to achieve a good life.

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