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Your guide to overcome boredom!

There are times when you won’t be busy with work. Or you will not be busy taking care of the kids. And you will not be busy studying. Whilst these moments in life are rare [or in some cases short], we can sometimes forget how to enjoy our time. It is so easy to forget about hobbies and passions in the midst of living a fast-paced life. Especially as we get older. So, when you find yourself in this moment, do you ever think about what you can do? How you can spend your time? Because I do. Almost all the time. I usually find myself trapped, reading forum after forum on Reddit – getting lost in endless conversations between strangers. Despite these conversations being very entertaining, being the invisible middleman is no fun.

It is important to learn how to spend your free time enjoying recreational activities. According to GetMasum blog, recreational activities give you perspective on life and the world around you. It also helps reset your mind, reversing burn-out. This would be a good chance to connect with yourself and the world around you.

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So here it is! My top 10 ideas of how you can spend your free time:

  1. Read a bookget lost in another world.
  2. Listen to music plug those headphones in and logout of the world around you.
  3. Enrol on a course such as photography, cooking or yoga!
  4. Write start a blog, journal, write a novel or poetry. Inspire the world around you.
  5. Meditate de-clutter your mind and make some room for positive thoughts! You can access many meditative sounds/music on YouTube. All you would have to do is close your eyes and enjoy.
  6. Play a gamethis can be video games, arcade games, board games or a good old puzzle.
  7. Go for a walkthis would be a good way to get your steps in and to appreciate nature. Hiking would be a nice way to incorporate other activities such as fishing and camping.
  8. Watch a moviethis is your time to catch up on the latest Netflix series/movies you missed out on.
  9. Start a side hustle this is your sign to plant some ideas. Pick up where you left with a hobby that was short lived. And if not, this is your time to start one. Invest in your dreams whether it may be starting a business or new job!
  10. Relax! Get a massage or spa treatment – you deserve it!

“Some days are simply made for playing.”

Mary Anne Radmacher

I know it is hard to find things to do when you have spent a long time in a routine of tasks. This is your sign to put yourself first and to invest your time in your enjoyment!

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