Reflect, grow and move on.

It’s that time again. When the snow begins to settle (depending where you’re from!), fireworks paint the sky in all colours of the rainbow and we are counting down the days to the next year. With it being New Years Eve, it seems to be the perfect time to sit cosy next to an open window, reflect and raise a glass to 2021, for which it was a year of lessons, growth and spirituality.

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Here are 21 things I have learnt this year:

  1. You are as young as you feel.
  2. Maintain a good work/life balance because a burnout can destroy you.
  3. Reciprocate the energy you are given.
  4. Don’t let others take advantage of you.
  5. How to use TikTok (yes, I am late to that party).
  6. Be present in the moment.
  7. Right now is the best time to try something new!
  8. Take care of your mental health.
  9. Feed your soul with good vibes only.
  10. Music is therapy.
  11. Good friends rarely come, hold on to the ones you have got.
  12. Think less, act more (inspired by Margret Thatcher).
  13. How to make a really good cheesy pasta.
  14. Savings are important but so is living.
  15. Conversations are beautiful.
  16. YouTubers actually work really hard.
  17. How much I love Disney movies!
  18. You can’t lick your own elbow.
  19. Somethings will never change.
  20. The importance of travelling.
  21. The power of manifestation.


Lets welcome 2022 with open arms. I am optimistic I will learn more than 21 things in 2022 and I am excited for what is yet to come. Comment below some of the things you have learned this year!

Thanks for reading – Athia Karim 🙂

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