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When it comes to make up, I always try to be strategic with my purchases. This is because of how costly it is. So, whenever I purchase a product, I always make sure it is something I can completely utilise, it suits me and it will hold the test of time.

There are a lot of crazes, sponsored posts and online ads which persuade us to purchase a product because of the celebrity or influencer wearing it. But for ordinary folk like you and I, we can’t give in to this craze. We have to make purchases which financially make sense and are versatile for day time and night life.

Lipstick is a product I go through quite quickly, so opting for cost-effective products which does the job well is essential. Making this decision isn’t easy which is why I go through hours of research, going into stores to test products and get recommendations from online reviews. But somehow I got lucky and discovered my “go to” lipsticks.

Through much thought, below are my top 3 favourite lipsticks of 2021:

#1 Revolution: Lip Vinyl Intense Shine Lip Gloss £5.00


I purchased this lip-gloss in the shade “Gone Rouge”. The second I tried it on I knew it was a keeper. I even persuaded others to buy it too. This liquid lipstick is very pigmented and unlike others, does not leave a sticky residue on your lips. It is great for morning and evening wear. I literally wear this all the time!

This has to be my ALL time favourite of 2021 (and I will most definitely be wearing this for the time to come).

#2 Revolution: Velvet Kiss Lip Crayon £5.00


I purchased this product in the shade of “Fling”. I love lip crayons because they are multi purposeful. It can act like a lipstick and lip liner all in one. I love lining my lips with it and then filling it in. What makes this product stand out is unlike other lip liners/crayons, it did not make my lips feel dry. It glided smoothly on my lips. My lips felt very moist throughout the day with no problems!

It also stood the test of time and lasted all day (which I love!).

#3 Kylie Cosmetics: Matte Liquid Lipstick £16.00


I purchased this product in the shade “Kristern”. Kylie Cosmetics have recently revised their cosmetics line to make it sustainable for the planet which makes the brand desirable. I usually try to spend my money responsibly which means purchasing a designer/luxury brand is out of the question. However, as a little treat, I bought this liquid matte lipstick. The shade complements my lips, instantly making them look fuller. And to my surprise, for a matte lipstick it did not dry out my lips (which is very important). I did not need to top it up throughout the day because the second I applied it on, it remained intact. I had no issues with transfer too.


Please note, these are the views of the writer. This article is not sponsored by the brands stated.

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