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2022 is all about re-gaining control!

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I improved my morning routine by thinking about how important morning routines are for your life. Sounds a bit cliche, but a good morning routine can set up your day for success in every way. My time is accounted for the second I wake up. I get ready, brush my teeth, get dressed, cook, eat breakfast, feed the dog and then start work for 9:00am. By the evening I am tired. By the end of the week, I am very exhausted.

On the same note, I have found there are times when I lose track of time carelessly. I scroll through social media, flicking from meme to meme without even realising hours have passed. In the long-term, it doesn’t improve my well-being or make my situation better. So, I ask myself: is that a good way to spend your time? Will it internally de-stress you?

I learned asking questions is good for growth.

I did some soul searching. I turned to myself to discover how I can capture sometime for myself to enjoy and feel de-stressed. Choosing to be productive with time is important. It is a good way to regain control of your life.

And so, I found 4 things I could do to better my mornings:

Listen to music: I find listening to my favourite music can overall make me feel positive when I am travelling to work. It is noted that moving music can help the brain release endorphins which helps you to feel happy. Naturally this will create a positive impact on your wellbeing and place you into a good mindset before work.

Checking out Pinterest is also a great way to find creative inspiration in the mornings!

Image by Athia Karim

Read a book: Reading alleviates stress by helping you escape from your current surroundings. It is easy to get lost in a good book. It helped me feel calm and relaxed before work. Even more, it was a great way to help me extend my vocabulary and creativity. Overall, it has many hidden benefits, other than relieving morning stress (a great book to read would be A Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid).

Go to the gym: I found this to be the most beneficial. Not only did I you miss the congested lanes of traffic every morning, but exercise releases a hormone called Endorphins (also known as happy hormones). Scientifically proven, this will make you feel happier and more positive for the working day. Also, it is a great way to get healthy and feel great!

Invite a friend over/meet a friend: There could be many reasons to explain why you are feeling stressed in the morning and sometimes, to feel better about your situation is to vent to a friend. This is perhaps the most strategic tactic out of the list I have provided as this is a practical way to combat stress. I found speaking/meeting/texting a friend in the morning to be fun and therapeutic. It’s nice to catch up with friends and could fight against isolation (which has a negative impact on your health).

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A different approach which may be preferable is meeting friends for breakfast or coffee prior to the working day. This is a great way to feel that your day isn’t completely exhausted by work and naturally this will help you maintain a healthy balance between work and play.

Take a walk: There are days when I feel as though stress has beaten the life out of me. I find it hard to think. I begin to worry. The combination of the both is awful. Instead of marching straight to work, spare 20 minutes to walk around the neighbourhood. This has a bag of benefits as it helps you to de-clutter your mind and enjoy your surroundings. It could be your form of meditation – the mean of mind you really need to think clearly with nothing else clouding your thoughts. Also, the physical activity will improve your health. I find nature to be very calming so it is a win-win for me!

Image by Athia Karim

“Allow your mornings to seize you with happiness, not stress you” – unknown

The above are recommendations I found to be useful in increasing my levels of positivity and energy. What makes us feel good or happy is subjective. It is extremely important to integrate ways you can enjoy recreational activities throughout your day – which can help you to counter stress and maintain a healthy balance between work and play.

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