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Millennial Crisis – What I Learned From Monica Church

Figuring out what your contribution in life is hard. It happens to all of us, even YouTube creator Monica Church. Figuring out who you should be is harder. As a Millennial, it is tough to live in a society that is geared towards meeting “deadlines”.

I have felt the pressure to “figure it out” by the age of 20. To know which career I am pursuing for the rest of my life. And the pressure of climbing up the professional ladder by the age of 25 because “progression is key”. And FINALLY to be married, settled down and ready to start a family by the age of 30.

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I have lived most of my life by unspoken rules. Traditions. Expectations. I am not afraid to admit I am going through a millennial life crisis. I have accepted not EVERYONE figures it out straight away and that’s ok. I have learned through many examples it is better to go at your own speed because truthfully, there is no measurement or deadline to achieve “success”.

Take a look at these people as an example:

  • Steve Carrell – at age 43 he allegedly got hit BIG break by landing one of the lead role in series “The Office”.
  • J.K Rowling – at age 32 she allegedly became a published author
  • Colonel Sanders – founder of KFC found his success in his 60s

Lets Talk About Monica Church

I began following Monica’s journey a couple of years ago. Monica is a 26 years old YouTuber. From the face of it, anyone would think she has the world at her feet – with owning a very successful YouTube channel and being an extremely talented videographer and content creator.

But little do they know, this YouTuber struggles like the rest of us. She too had a millennial crisis.

I remember when I came across her channel, I found her personality to be very humbling. Her vlogs were interesting and informative. At the time, I was very down and enjoyed tuning in to her travel-related content.

But as time went by I quickly realised (and this is my opinion of course) that travel could have been Monica’s escape. It seemed she really didn’t know what she wanted to do in life. And then it quickly became an expectation to travel because of her channel – she had to please her audience even if it was at her own stake.

I remember, she was applying for job interviews without any success, she appeared to be miserable in her personal life (due to her millennial crisis) – and didn’t know where she was headed. At times I felt like she was sucked in a bubble of introversion.

She was quite open about her millennial life crisis. Documenting how she felt and the changes in her life. Her vulnerability and transparency made her much more relatable. Because really, we have all felt this at some point, right?

Through her experience: she travelled, she learned, she met new people, she read and explored – she finally found her calling – REAL ESTATE. And she had only figured this out a year ago!

  • She studied hard – to which she succeeded.
  • She got her license
  • And she is doing very well.

And how you ask? Because she gave herself the time she needed to figure life out – She did not play by the rules. She experimented and wrote her own story.

I found her experience – a modern day story of beating the millennial crisis – very inspiring.

So my point is, don’t live up to society’s expectations.

Experience life and take a risk, you will find your calling…or it will find you!

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