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All you need to know about the new “The Rise and Fall of the Beverley Hills Brat” series

You may remember Nicolette Gray as the girl who appeared on the Dr Phil show in May 2018. Making a dramatic performance as the Beverley Hills Brat, shocking viewers across the globe.

And it didn’t just stop there…Nicolette became a renowned internet meme thanks to her high maintenance and demands for designer brands. It seemed Nicolette was a fan of a luxurious lifestyle and did not care about who got in her way.

I remember keeping up with Nicolette immediately after the Dr Phil show had aired. She portrayed a lifestyle of privilege and I was outraged by the bratty persona. But with Nicolette rising to stardom – it was hard not to keep up.

But over the years Nicolette has been involved [and connected to] A LOT of drama. It didn’t take long for fans to realise she was dropping off the YouTube radar – and she reveals all in her new series.

The Battle Between Nicolette and Nina Gray:

On camera this duo seemed to have had a (mostly) great onscreen relationship. Nina played her role well as the doting mother, the breadwinner who supported her family. Nicolette was the responsible daughter who took care of her younger sister whilst pursing her YouTube career.

But Nicolette and Nina became candid with the REAL struggles they had over the past year. Episode three in the new series is full of explosive revelations. Nina reveals her shocking meltdown. Nicolette explains the breakdown between her relationship with Nina.

Nina reveals Nicolette stopped making payments for her infamous G-Wagon which was on NINA’S NAME. Nina had to sell Nicolette’s cats – which Nina admits she became attached to. Nina was in the middle of a WAR between her mother and daughter when Nicolette stopped making payments for the town house – which she was renting from her grandmother.

Nina admits “it took so much in me not to like – someone to drive me to an insane asylum…to lock me in for a few days”.

Having second thoughts: Nina pleads with daughter Nicolette on her own YouTube channel (Nina Gray) NOT to post further episodes from the new series.

So here it is! The details of the last three episodes you have missed! Nicolette Gray is BACK and BETTER than ever. She is continuing to shock the internet world with releasing her new YouTube series: The Rise and Fall of the Beverley Hills Brat which uncovers EVERYTHING. She touches on how her life took a turn when fame struck her, her reality as a YouTuber star and her personal struggles.

Episode one:

  • Uncovers Nicolette’s childhood, touches on her school life and passion for starting a career as a YouTuber.
  • It explains Nicolette’s reasons for going on Dr Phil – it appears in this episode she describes it to be a random spur off the moment thing.
  • Nicolette and Nina explain behind the scenes of going on Dr Phil
  • Nicolette describes her time filming the Dr Phil episode and explains she zoomed everything out and all that was happening around her
  • Her Mum describes Nicolette as “entertaining” on the Dr Phil show
  • Nicolette admits to saying random things on the Dr Phil show
  • Nina Gray describes her parents as conservative and explained how they disapproved her going on the show
  • Nina admits her Mum did not speak with her for a year following the show airing
  • It appeared in this episode Nicolette hoped fame/relevancy would rise following Dr Phil otherwise she would have felt it would have been for nothing/she wouldn’t know what would happen next.
  • Nina struggled with the attention she got from Dr Phil as a Dentist

Episode two:

  • How Christian Guiton (her Videographer) reached out to her
  • How it was Christian’s idea to film Nicolette’s YouTube videos as a reality TV show – which portrayed Nicolette as a relatable person
  • Nicolette making 25k in just Ad Sense following making YouTube videos with Christian
  • She appeared to have described her friend “Christian Aaron” as a psychopath
  • Why she had to also get a restraining order against her ex friend Christian Aaron
  • Nicolette making 100k a month on Ad Sense alone when her channel took off
  • E! rejected their reality TV proposal – as they had something similar
  • Nicolette has cut out A LOT of people from her life – who she felt like did not have her best interest at heart

Episode three:

  • Nina felt bullied when filming with daughter Nicolette
  • How things when downhill when Christian began working with self-proclaimed Beverly Hills Princess
  • Why Nina and Christian fell out which eventually led to the firing of Christian
  • How Nicolette and Nina fought a lot following Christian being fired – it appears Nicolette blamed her mother for Christian being fired
  • Why Nicolette’s G-Wagon got repossessed due to missed payments
  • Nicolette admits to doing spiteful things to her mum in revenge
  • Nicolette stopped making rent payments (for the town house) to her landlord– which was in fact her grandmother  
  • Nicolette got kicked out of her town house.

Nicolette’s new series unearth the reality of the YouTuber’s life this past year. She is raw. Vulnerable. And shares EVERYTHING.

Don’t forget the episodes to her new YouTube series airs every Monday!


  1. I just hope and pray the Brat gets into a serious car accident and gets her face disfigured so she gets a dose of reality)))

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