Why KIM KARDASHIAN Pursuing a Legal Career Is The Wake-up Call You Need

I have it all but it’s not what I want…

Image from @KimKardashian’s Instagram

Kim Kardashian and her legal career

Waking up to the call of her dreams, Kim Kardashian West left the world in a state of shock. She revealed in an interview with Vogue, she is aspiring to be a Lawyer . Although, Kim is quite known for breaking the internet by being quite transparent (sometimes literally), the announcement instantly hit every news headline, leaving a lot of fans struggling to find an explanation for the unusual turn in her career.

You would think at this stage of her life, Kim is enjoying the peak of her established career. She is known across the globe for being an Entrepreneur, thanks to the success of her beauty and fragrance lines, an influencer with a growing number of social media followers (on various platforms), a model, making multiple appearances in magazines and finally a reality TV star, appearing on a record breaking 16 seasons of their show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kim has natural charisma and talent, triumphing her way through the entertainment industry. It would seem, having excelled in an industry you have worked so hard to be in, the success will make you feel accomplished. The natural result for Kim would be to enjoy the results of her hard work and effort.

What the change in career means:

But what I have learned is, the change in her career has nothing to do with talent. It seems Kim manifested a goal-orientated view which was the driving force to pursue a career she did not desire. It’s easy to feel pressured to live up to expectations. And yes, she may be good at what she does to have become successful but, what people fail to understand is that talent and passion are two separate galaxies in a single universe and sometimes, what you are naturally good at may not be what you aspire to do with your life (or be known for).

Kim has demonstrated grit by seizing an opportunity she knew would make her happy, despite the repercussions she could have faced by the public. She wasn’t afraid to turn her life (as successful as she may have been in her current career) upside down to pursue something that was unprecedented to her. It is clear she didn’t allow her current position; being a mother to 4 children or the possibility of being ridiculed by masses of people, dictate what she chose to do. She prioritised being a Mother and used her strong work ethic to fulfil her dreams.

Kim’s diversion taught me the following:

1. Happiness overrides all:
Ultimately, she made a choice to choose a career that makes her happy. She chose happiness over false belief that she may have been content with her current surroundings. It was bold and brave- but she did it.

Therefore, it is important to be the leader of a pact rather than a follower. To pursue a career and a lifestyle that helps you be happy.

2. Never say never:
The fact stands that it is never too late (in whatever stage or predicament you are currently in) to learn or make a change in pursuing a career that you aspire to do. You are limitless – there are a skyscraper of opportunities waiting for you. You deserve to take the time out you need to discover what drives you and makes you excited about life.

3: Finally, take time:
It’s easy to become complacent in what you think you should do compared to what it is you like to be doing, which is why it is important to give yourself time to piece things together.

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